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AIMS to start the 2018 Danang International Marathon

The 2017 edition of the Danang International Marathon marked a 5 years milestone with almost 7000 runners joining the race. Only two months since that day but many of our runners are fully recovered and already looking forward to run there again, as well as the organizer!

One of the race’s highlights is the race course itself; how stunning it is to see the sun rising up on the seaside, the city waking up while crossing the different bridges that characterizes the city.

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The Man Who Run with Enemy

Dennis Zaborac từng là lính mỹ trong suốt thời gian chiến tranh ở Việt Lam. Lần cuối ông tham gia một cuộc thi chạy vào 42 năm về trước và chắc chắn không phải là một cuộc thi Marathon. Theo như trí nhớ của ông, đêm đó là đêm ông bắt buộc phải rời Việt Nam sau khi kết thúc chiến tranh

Bên cạnh những cảm giác kỳ lạ khi trở lại đất nước của kẻ thù của 42 năm về trước, giờ đây ông đã trở lại với một tâm thế khác hẳn, người nước ngoài tham dự cuộc thi marathon đầu tiên của Việt Nam. Nỗ lực thích nghi với thời tiết và hoàn thành cự ly marathon cũng giống như nỗ lực đấu tranh với cảm giác kẻ thù đã tồn tại rất nhiều năm nay...

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Why you should not miss Da Nang in your International Marathon race list

The Manulife Da Nang International Marathon is an annual event held in Da Nang’s coastline. This is the first professional Marathon in Vietnam certified by IAAF - AIMS. The number of participants racing the event each year demonstrates the success of this race.

Here are a couple of reasons why Da Nang should be in your must-race marathon list:

Da Nang has one of the most scenic marathon race courses in region...

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Exploring the delights of Danang like Danangnian - 5 must do in Danang

Say Hi with a Smile!

Danang people are kind, warm and friendly. Although they may lack of English skill, they will try to communicate with you through body language and give you the best support that they can. Don't forget to return with a smile.

One of the most distinctive thing to do in Danang is kick-start your day with a cup of ice coffee, watching the city slowly wake up from the sidewalk.

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  • Race day: 12-08-2018
  • Thời gian: 04:00 AM
  • Ðịa điểm: Công viên Biển Ðông, Tp.Ðà Nẵng


Thanks for the organization of the first Da Nang Marathon! I had a great time and enjoyed the nice course around the city and along the waterfront. Will recommend this to my friends and truly hope to there will be a second Da Nang Marathon next year

Andre Zimmermann Germany

Congratulations on the best ever first marathon organized in such a beautiful place. Absolutely enjoyed it and will ensure we pass the word around to running enthusiasts in our part of the world

Eileen Goh Singapore

The De Nang Marathon/Half Marathon is an event which allows you to not only run 42.2k or 21.1k but also an opportunity to explore an exciting part of Vietnam .In particular I totally enjoyed my two visits to Hoi An. The Vietnamese people are extremely friendly and race organisation is faultless.

Pat Carroll Australia

Just wanted to thank you guys for a fantastic experience at the Race in Da Nang. Really appreciated the regular and well stocked drinks tables (with plenty of sports drinks). Also, the roads seemed well policed to save us from the Da Nang traffic. A great first year. My only suggestion is an earlier start for next year (even for the half marathon)… pretty much everyone I have spoken to said that this would make sense.

Peter Whalley UK