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You have registered for Manulife Danang International Marathon and got weeks ahead until the day of event. What do you need to do now while counting down? Let’s get ready with some effective training tips from us.

Transitioning from the Half to Full Marathon (Advice from Amanda Brooks, a certified personal trainer)



- Worry less about speed and more about time on your feet. During the middle to peak phase of training, you are helping your body get used to the stress of moving for extended periods of time and turning on your fat burners so you won’t need to rely on too many gels.

- You don’t need to be a certain pace to go from the half to the full.
- You do need to have a sold amount of running under your belt; rule of thumb is at least a year.
- Recognize the value of walking as part of training.
- Learn how to pace yourself while running outside.


A first time marathon plan can easily be 18 to 24 weeks, which is a VERY long time to stay motivated for something that’s in the distant future.

This makes it far too easy to skip runs here and there. Instead focus the first part of your training on a half marathon around the mid-way point, this will allow you to increase miles and still enjoy some speed work for a new goal.


Technically the body can store enough glycogen to get you through a 20 mile run, which is why you’re far less likely to bonk in a half marathon.

The marathon represents a new challenge of maintaining steady energy throughout to beat the dreaded wall, which is a result of your body switching from fat burning to carbohydrates and well…because it’s a big task you’re asking of your body.


Stop over fueling
You don’t need a gel every 30 minutes. This is often what leads to gastric distress and of course turns off your fat burning which is the long term energy we want to rely on over carbs.

Gel, food or blocks
It’s time to figure out which kind of fuel works for you. You must test and don’t be afraid to use whole foods

Hydrate Beyond Water
Figure out how you’ll carry water on your long runs and then practice sipping it along the way, not guzzling.

Fueling Right
Remember what you eat around workouts is also important for energy and reducing inflammation.


- Don’t look too far ahead in the training plan or work with a coach who only gives you a few weeks at a time.
- Just deal with the current long run, not next week.
- Do NOT skip your long runs – they take the most time and thus are often the first to be ditched when life gets busy…but that will hurt you in the end (injury, race day DNF and so much more).
- Celebrate every new personal distance record, it makes those miles more exciting.
- Remember this is a mental game and that pain might be all in your head.
- Learn the difference between discomfort and pain — it’s a big difference between injury and quitting



If you can’t find some one crazy enough to also train for a marathon, ask friends to meet you for portions of the run or get a friend to bike along with you.
  • Race day: August 12th, 2018
  • Time: 04:00 AM
  • Location: Bien Dong Park, Da Nang city


Thanks for the organization of the first Da Nang Marathon! I had a great time and enjoyed the nice course around the city and along the waterfront. Will recommend this to my friends and truly hope to there will be a second Da Nang Marathon next year

Andre Zimmermann Germany

Congratulations on the best ever first marathon organized in such a beautiful place. Absolutely enjoyed it and will ensure we pass the word around to running enthusiasts in our part of the world

Eileen Goh Singapore

The De Nang Marathon/Half Marathon is an event which allows you to not only run 42.2k or 21.1k but also an opportunity to explore an exciting part of Vietnam .In particular I totally enjoyed my two visits to Hoi An. The Vietnamese people are extremely friendly and race organisation is faultless.

Pat Carroll Australia

Just wanted to thank you guys for a fantastic experience at the Race in Da Nang. Really appreciated the regular and well stocked drinks tables (with plenty of sports drinks). Also, the roads seemed well policed to save us from the Da Nang traffic. A great first year. My only suggestion is an earlier start for next year (even for the half marathon)… pretty much everyone I have spoken to said that this would make sense.

Peter Whalley UK